X-Pert Bloodline

Ch.X-Pert Topsy II had another great litter, she was bred to Daniel's Ripper to produce Ch.X-Pert Velvet Buck (1xw). Buck was a magnificent dog, owned by Ormsby's he won Westminster in 1958. But he was not only a great show dog, Buck was well known at the pit side, he won over Al Offer's dog, in 1 hour 17 mins in Theo Raborn’s hands.

"Now, Buck was a good looking pup and a good looking dog. You know, people come in and they say, I think that one there is the best one. That would be Buck." - Clifford Ormsby

With these out-crossed combinations of Red Rascal and Gallant Lady, Clifford found out that he began to lose one of the old types of the X-Pert line. Types like X-Pert Black Jack, Nigger and Shine. His decision was to add black Tacoma blood to re-appear old type. Clifford purchased a black Tacoma puppy in 1966. She was named X-Pert Black Susie, she was pure Doyle's Tacoma.

The Doyle's Tacoma line was built on Brown's Tacoma Jack (9xw), Feeley and Clark's blood. Charles Doyle obtained two pups from Al Brown or Grey Wolf as dogmen called him. Both were by Tacoma Jack. But Al Brown was known as breeder of Tudor's Black Jack (16xw) dogs and Black Jack blood was his main interest. Al Brown purchased famous Tudor's Black Jack Jr. (9xw) from Earl Tudor after his ninth win.

Reference: World of X Pert